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Modern technologies make the boundaries between the real and the digital world thinner. Visualizations, Animations, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality let drawings come to life. Here’s how we can help you seduce investors and sell your properties in no time.

Reading drawings is hard. That’s where visualizations come into play. They allow customers to feel both the outside environment – gardens and parks – and the interior spaces. Attract your clients with numerous high-quality 3D objects and images that give them a sense of space and composition.

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Creative Canvas

This short-term course provides a comprehensive introduction to graphic design using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

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Creative Canvas : PRO

Remember to continuously update the course content to stay relevant with industry trends

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Motion Marvel Basic

Master the essentials of Adobe After Effects with our comprehensive Basics course. Learn the foundational

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Studio Connect


"Welcome to Animatech Studio, where creativity meets technology!

We specialize in bringing your ideas to life through captivating graphic design, dynamic motion graphics, immersive 3D modelling, mesmerizing animation, breath-taking VFX, and cutting-edge AR/VR experiences."

Graphic Designing: Elevate your brand with our bespoke graphic design solutions. From captivating logos to stunning branding materials, we craft visuals that leave a lasting impression.

Motion Graphics: Bring your ideas to life with our dynamic motion graphics. Whether you need an attention-grabbing explainer video or a mesmerizing animated advertisement, we blend creativity and technology to deliver engaging visual stories.

3D Modelling: Step into the world of three-dimensional design with our expert 3D modeling services. From product prototypes to architectural renderings, we create lifelike digital models that showcase your vision with unparalleled realism.

NFT Creation: Explore the future of digital art with our NFT creation services. We help artists and creators tokenize their work, transforming it into unique digital assets that can be bought, sold, and traded on blockchain-powered marketplaces.

Architectural Visualization: Envision your architectural projects with our immersive visualization services. Through advanced rendering techniques, we bring blueprints to life, allowing you to explore and showcase your designs before they're built.

Animation: Ignite imagination with our captivating animation services. From whimsical cartoons to sophisticated character animations, we breathe life into your stories, leaving audiences spellbound with every frame.

VFX: Immerse your audience in cinematic experiences with our cutting-edge visual effects. From seamless CGI integration to breath-taking special effects, we enhance storytelling and create worlds beyond imagination.

AR/VR: Explore new realities with our innovative AR/VR experiences. Whether you're creating interactive virtual tours or immersive augmented reality applications, we push the boundaries of technology to deliver unforgettable experiences.

"Ready to bring your vision to life? Get in touch with us today to discuss your project goals and discover how we can turn your ideas into reality!"


Why Us


We have always held that excellent design emerges from a careful balancing act between functional goals and environmental considerations. Our team's goal is to strike that equilibrium no matter how big or small the task at hand may be. To do this, rather than blindly following the most recent trends, we focus on the needs of our clients first. Since we know that aesthetic appeal has a direct impact on people's happiness, we promise to always go the extra mile. To think deeply about the issue at hand and make plans for the future.

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Sandesh Pawar

Founder Agikya Studio
3D Animation Generalist, Motion Graphic Artist and Game Designer (Year of Exp. 10)

Rishav Bisht.

Concept Artist & 2D Animator

Samir Kadam

Graphic Designer & Teacher (Year of Exp. 10)

Mahesh Masurkar

Graphic Designer (Year of Exp. 14)





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